Evening's Come But It's Not Dark

Hello. I am very pleased to announce the album I have been writing, "Evening's Come But It's Not Dark," is in the last steps of the production process. Though a firm release date has not been set yet (waiting on a few boring factors), people should expect a release in late January or early February.

The album will consist, in order, of the tracks:
1. Start Anew
2. 16 Caroline
3. Coal Man's Daughter
4. Another Day
5. Winter's Kiss

Writing this album has been a long time in the making, but every moment of the process has been an insane learning experience. Working with Jesse Bolduc of Candy Ambulance, as well as having so many rad guest musicians on the record has also been great. On 16 Caroline and Another Day, Rick Bolton laid some pretty tasty guitar work down, in a way that I had never envisioned for the songs.

Jon Cantiello (also of Candy Ambulance), was gracious enough to lend his beats to the record, and I truly feel they helped glue the idea for each song together. Finally, the bass lines that MG recorded for the album were the final piece to the puzzle. 

I cannot wait to share the album in its entirety with all of you. You will be able to buy it in several places, such as iTunes, BandCamp, and Amazon. Or, if you prefer, you can buy it directly from lucasgarrettmusician.com/store, once the album has been released. 

So, you just have to wait a little bit longer, but I promise you, it is worth the wait. 

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