A Close of Summer and other News

As Summer '15 comes to a close, I personally want to take a minute to talk with all who have supported us. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to personally thank all of our lovely fans that continue to come out and rock with us! You're awesome, and you're the reason we do what we do! Also, we would like to thank Stephanie Revely of Upst8musicfanzone. She is a great fixture on the local music scene and her dedication to it is constantly astonishing to me. In the past few months we have been working hard writing tunes and time and time again, not only are these efforts encouraged, but they are greatly welcomed! In the coming months, we will be taking to the studio to record our debut release!

With all great things that happen, so too will they end. After our album is finished, released, and our Fall performance dates are fulfilled, the lineup of the current Luke Garrett Band will be going on an indeterminate hiatus.

In just a year, we have gone through so much together and I consider them to be part of the family. There are no hard feelings between any member, and I owe them so much for all they have contributed.

You will still be able to see Chris performing in his other band, Restless Widow, and I have no doubt Billy will be providing the backbeat for another band in no time at all.

Who knows? We may be back together at the start of the new year, but all of us aren't putting a time frame on anything.

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